Steven Coogan

My passion is making a difference to people’s lives, that’s where the art of fulfilment comes from. This has been in the form of helping people get to there next level whether it’s selling a home, arranging finance or coaching a client. My ultimate aim is to leave this world with something greater than myself that will benefit all. #MakeADifference. My mantra is to be the change you want to see in the world.

Being the founder / owner of 4 companies in property and in the e-commerce space (which I’ve either sold or continue to run today) has and continues to keep me busy and learned in many disciplines.

One of the things I’m most proud of is my charity work through rising money for Shelter, GOSH and coaching / mentoring where I have been lucky enough to be able to give back. I’m also in the process of setting up a foundation that will help the homeless. This is close to my heart as I too have been homeless and I’m blessed to be where I am today, which I’m truly grateful for.

Specialties: Property finance, property investment, technology, psychological turnarounds, wellness, and working on wealth mastery; #PowerOfThought.

Personal interests and hobbies: Yoga, meditation, ancient mystery schools, quantum physics, reading, attending courses, self development - growing, sailing, travelling, people and spending time with my family.

This blog is to share the strategies, wisdom, discipline and health measures that I'm using in my life and if effect me so can effect on you. Enjoy x

Disclaimer: If you see a post, update or receive an email from me and there are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or assumed bluntness - it’s not sloppy work or personal; it’s my ultimate gift - dyslexia.