Steven Coogan

Hi, I’m Steven Coogan but to everyone I’m just, Steve.

I love business and startups!

I am an entrepreneur, investor, and had the good fortune to study at some of the best educational institutions on the planet.

A great achievement when you consider I left school at 13, I had a near-death experience in Harrod’s (London) at 15 and fell 70 feet from the fourth floor and shouldn’t be alive. I had multiple fractures to my skull and many bones throughout my body. In fact, I should not be able to walk or talk, homeless at 17, I was illiterate as a young adult, 18, and had no family support or role models to talk of.

Fast forward >>>

I’m always curious, always innovative and always seeking new. Here are some startups I’ve founded or worked on:

  • Founder of an ecommerce store, Little Pumpkin, exit.
  • Founder of Madison Carter and Estate Agent platform for the luxury property market.
  • Founder of Madison Carter Finance a FinTech Bridging Loan FinTech.
  • Founder of, a VR nightclub product that was discovered not to be viable at MVP stage. This project pivoted to a therapy solution. This is in the lab.
  • Co-Founder of SCIENEIM a blockchain solution to solve the peer review crisis. This is hot!

More importantly a husband, a father, and a humanitarian advocate.

I hope you enjoy it here and it would be great to hear more about you. If you take a look at my blog you will find all sorts of posts on topics from politics, research and / or esoteric study.

You won’t find all my skills, hobbies, here or anywhere else. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to become an insider.

Out of a global population of 8,000,000,000, many say I’m one of a kind.

That Lamborghini Hurricane, I actually lease and it’s a lot of fun.



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