21 Jul

A False Freedom Promise Of Egypt From Pharaoh

Folks that know me, know that I love to study religion. It’s Friday today and a sacred day for many.

For me religion is psychology, wisdom and parables amongst other things but in the context of this message thats how I’d like you to perceive it.

The biblical story of the Hebrews / Israelites being slaves to the pharaohs in Egypt can be used as a metaphor.


If we look at the Jewish people, they are the community that have the direct lineage to this event. Not only is it a culture I’m personally fond of but they are far from slaves in the perception of the word, slave.

As we have seen over the past 18 months reality is subjective and your perception may not be reality.

Another reality is, the Hebrew’s were not slaves as we think of the word but were trapped to all things material. Great food, wine and adultery…

Moses took them to the sea and parted it to take them from their bondage. But it was luxury, wasn’t it?

Starting with Egypt, they were not physical slaves but slaves to the material and to achieve this false freedom, must obey pharaoh.

Moses took them to achieve the impossible and parted the red sea..

The parable here is that folks don’t take responsibility for their own lives and hope (beg) that others will achieve the impossible for them.

Working on the assumption this is impossible (parting the sea), what can we deduced from this story?

It’s quite easy when you think about it. Your lead to the sea on the promise of hope (a beggar).

Walk to the sea and learn to swim (have faith) you will learn to survive independently.. so the impossible is impossible, until it’s done.

Is there any false freedom appearing for the promise of Egypt as the metaphor from pharaoh in your life?

I’m not Moses, you are your own Shepherd.