08 Oct

Why I’m Fiercely Against A Social Credit System

Why I’m fiercely against a social credit system.

They may even call it smart Money but for who?

In this post, I’ll look at the current environment, look at the agenda behind the central banks and outline why I back Bitcoin over the proposed BoE cryptocurrency system and decentralisation technologies.

Cash is the medium of exchange which allows us folks to exchange goods and services. If you had a biscuit and I have a car, this medium allows us to exchange goods to a proportionate value.

A social credit system or the proposed cryptocurrency from the BoE is a ‘slave system’. Why? The BoE can program its cryptocurrency for whatever it decides. Just like Tom Mutton‘s claim in the @telegraph in June suggesting to Ministers that the new cryptocurrency should be programable and then we can’t argue or debate it as they have control and you must obey, slave. The source will be available on my blog. He goes on to say to control what people spend their money on.


So once they destroy fiat currency and this medium of exchange we lose our sovereignty. Money is not the route of evil centralised smart money is.

For example, if they deem the ‘climate change agenda’ not to be mistaken with climate change. The issuer can restrict your credit worthiness or stop you eating certain types of food.

This statement along is a criminal act as it breaches human rights.

On this post take a look at the data which suggest there is no climate emergency and on the con-trey the environment is in better shape that the media reports. The media follow govt dictates. It makes you think, why do we need them.

Data coming soon

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So why are they reporting something different than the reality? If you have been follow my posts on the data of C19. This appears to be a subversion strategy from the World Economic Forum and its partners and the main architect Klaus Schwab. Notice Mark Carney‘s appointment at the @un for climate change. An ex-banker in charge of climate change? Next ‘Green Money’. The @un now under the control of the World Economic Forum. This feels creepy. On my blog notice the picture of Mark the WEF etc. What I want to know is. Where is the regulator? Financial Conduct Authority


Furthermore, If my claims are true this is fraud beyond anyone’s imagination. They question is, was Mark’s appointment as Governor of the Bank of Canada an long term operations. He has been noted to attend Bilderberg events.

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If anything, the C19 Scandal has taught us that this cohort are seriously influential , effective and seem to have a large next work science and other colleges globally in its pockets to change policies and protocols.

So when they say ‘you own nothing and be happy’ we should listen.


The question for us is. If we own nothing and be happy. Who owns the assets we live in? They also state your rent everything but from who, them?

Nice graphic and smiley face but this sounds like a dystopia to me. This will be hard for people to get there heads around but I’ll outline it below when I update this post.