21 May

You Are The Product!

Many people ask why I switched to Threema

Here is why. If you do not pay for the product you are the product. What does that mean? Well you download an app, WhatsApp and you are not paying for it. They claim these calls are encrypted but you use WhatsApp and shortly afterwards you go onto Instagram and start receiving ads that were referenced in the call. This is performed by scrapping the call for keywords, in the conversation or just by having the mic being turned on in the settings, and then tracking you IP (Internet Protocol).

I was personally on a call to a friend who works in cyber security, strangely. All of a sudden an interference kicked in during the call. Then a voice appeared, one of those training models ‘This call has been recored for training purposes’. He said; what was that?

Reading between the lines, not very secure or private.

That’s without addressing facebook’s malevolent agenda. They are a business and need to turn a profit for the company, staff and investors, thats their role. It’s your job to protect your privacy. Facebook today are a marketing company just like Google. Which is fine but how much of ourself do you want to give away? This is a slippery slope to surveillance capitalism. Some people say I have nothing to hide. If someone was spying on me and watching me in the shower thats weird. There are boundaries for a reason and this is also illegal. That life. I love tech but not all of it is good and just because you can create or do something with it doesn’t mean you should.



Is based in Switzerland which for better or worst has the most notorious privacy laws in the world. Protonmail an Proton VPN of which I also use are based there. I’ll consider writing a review on Proton Products another day.

Historically,  Switzerland has been known to have extended their privacy laws to international cartels to hide their assets. Today it has granted diplomacy laws to the likes of the largest Co Vaxx Company in the world a Gates Foundation company, GAVI.  This is a conversation for another time.

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