10 Jan

Prof Khalid Saqr Join’s Steve Coogan’s Podcast

Why Peer Review is in crisis and the pre MVP solution SCIENEUM.

Professor Khalid Saqr is a Professor at both Tohoku University in Japan and the Arab Academy in Egypt. He completed his undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. In addition to his academic roles, he’s an entrepreneur, investor, has published over 80 papers, and is the founder of Bio-CFD.

He once said, “Fake science is more dangerous than a radical religion.”

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Podcast Introduction:

Welcome to our podcast! If you’re tuning in, you’re likely among the early adopters. I’m your podcast host, providing insights as an entrepreneur, investor, and fellow enthusiast. Despite not having a formal Computer Science degree, I’ve acquired qualifications from renowned institutions like UCL, Harvard, and Stanford, including a master’s. I’m on a mission to make an impact, even though I’m a self-taught polymath and not the best speller.

Unlocking Value for Startups and Entrepreneurs:

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Meet Our Guest – Professor Khalid Saqr:

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Professor Khalid Saqr. He’s a man of many talents – a professor at Tohoku University in Japan and the Arab Academy in Egypt, an entrepreneur, investor, and author of over 80 papers. He’s the mastermind behind Bio-CFD technologies. Today, he’ll unveil his brainchild – Scieneum – a revolutionary solution for the peer review dilemma.

Navigating the Peer Review Crisis:

Professor Saqr delves deep into the peer review conundrum that plagues the scientific community. Peer review, the cornerstone of publishing, involves the unbiased evaluation of research papers. Authors submit, peers review. However, the process isn’t flawless; bias can seep in.

Peer Review’s Predicaments:

Saqr reveals the pitfalls within peer review. Editorial decisions can be delayed, influenced by subjectivity and trends. Business models – subscriptions and open access – present challenges. Yet, reviewers remain unsung heroes, unpaid and often unrecognized.

The Scieneum Solution:

Enter Scieneum – an ingenious remedy for the peer review fiasco. Picture blockchain powering a decentralised review process. Tokens are crucial, granting access to various roles. Scientists – as authors or reviewers – acquire tokens, stake them for reviews, and reap rewards. The twist? A curated token registry ensures impartial paper acceptance.

Incentives Abound:

Science enthusiasts, get ready! Scieneum promises fairer reviews, reduced bias, and increased involvement. Scientists become stakeholders, influencing research authentication and validation.

Future Vistas and Hurdles:

Saqr acknowledges Scieneum’s evolution. Building a scientist community aware of the peer review crisis is essential. Tokens, used strategically, empower decentralized participation and usher in a new era of fairness.

Let’s Shape Science Together:

Saqr emphasises the empowerment of scientists in reshaping peer review. Connect on LinkedIn to explore Scieneum and become part of this transformative journey.