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Discover the startup podcast here that focuses on decentralisation tech or web 3.0 space. As well as larger business’ challengers with future material on M&A and PE buyouts and venture capital funds.

You’ll discover world-class thinkers, entrepreneurs to push the boundaries of science, technology, and human life in every way imaginable. All centered around business.

Steve, has studied Computer Science for his bachelors and holds other qualifications from UCL, Harvard, and Stanford, which includes a Masters. As well as many other financial qualifications, from the London School of Business and Finance. His passionate about startups, innovation and business as a subject matter and can find that he is constantly iterating in life. Hence, the startup podcast ;  )

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Prof Khalid Sage

Prof Khalid Saga is a Professor at two universities Tohoku University, Japan and Arab Academy, Egypt. He studied his undergrad, masters and Phd in Mechanical Engineering. He’s an entrepreneur, investor, published over 80 papers and founder of Bio-CFD.

In this recording he shares his pre MVP solution for the peer review crisis. Fake science is more dangeros thank a religion.

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James Delingpole

James Delingpole to the podcast. James holds an undergrad in English language and literature from Christ Church, Oxford which lead him to becoming a English writer, journalist, and columnist who has written for a number of publications, including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator and a executive editor for Breitbart London. James shares his insight into being a solo Entrepreneur in the journalism space. We digress onto the world largest conspiracy, obviously.

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Dr. Finn Majlergaard, Finn is a CEO at Gugin, a Prof at world-leading business schools with a focus on culture, author of 2 books with a third on the way which he talks about in the podcast. He is also a keen sailor based in Nice, France.

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