Welcome to my modest activist fund for pre-seed startups.  This is the first fund of it’s kind in the market and my motivation is due to the political environment. I’m ‘A’ Political but the censorship, the heavy lobbing from big tech & pharma. This concentration of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley is likely to be part of the problem. I have an international view but we need domestic startups to challenge the status quo.

I’ve had a career in the property market and in Startup Entrepreneurship. In 2009 I founded an e-commerce platform selling babies and kids products all over Europe. This business had an office in Old Street and a warehouse in Essex where the stock was packed, picked and stored. In 2012, I exited to a multinational company, Cardea Solutions.

The missed value in this product was the ERP that was developed. I’ve studied Computer Science for my bachelor and holds other qualifications from UCL, Harvard and Stanford, which includes a Masters. As well as many other finance qualifications, from the London School of Business and Finance.

You can learn more about me here:



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What I look for in our Entrepreneur’s:

  • Domain experience.
  • Ideally, not essential, worked in consulting, studied at a business school.
  • A track record of achievement and some failure.

What you will get from me as your early stage investor:

  • We are sector agnostic.
  • We are a partner pre seed and seek opportunities from ideation stage of the startup process.
  • We help structure the company once a value proposition is discovered and get you ready for your seed round. We have partner for follow on rounds

I like to add value from my successes and failures. I’m of the pinion that the failures have more value as will speed up your entrepreneurial journey. It’s quick to learn from others mistakes and go through trail and error.

We thrive on diversity and many applicants take the Myer Briggs Test and share the results by attaching it to their CV.


If you would like to co invest in our deal flow as a co-investor (syndicate rounds). Please email Steve directly. We currently have more deals than we can handle.

This opportunity is for sophisticated investors only. It is not for public promotion and not to be regarded as an FCA approved regulated investment.


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